La Luna Lifestyle was created after my having worked within the Fashion industry across 5 continents and 13 cities.

Regardless of my constantly being surrounded by beautiful products and world renowned designers in cities such as Milan, New York and Buenos Aires , I had a sense that something was missing …. I questioned how such beauty could be created at the expense of the artisans working within sweat shops and being paid minimal wages!

It was only after a challenging marriage and divorce that i found myself to be both emotionally and financially insecure and It was at this time that the concept of La Luna Lifestyle was born.

I was inspired to create a range of beautiful Lifestyle items – fashion , accessories and homeware – that would inspire women to express their individuality as well as benefit the artisans producing the collections.

We now work with over 200 artisans based in disadvantaged third world countries.

These artisans , together with our customers, have created the La Luna Lifestyle ‘chain of love” , whereby all involved get to benefit and feel empowered.

Our fashion ranges are created for “real” women and offer women of all ages, stages and sizes the opportunity to enhance their femininity through our flattering designs..

Belinda's children have been an intrinsic part of La Luna Lifestyle, being her daily inspiration and motivation. Her daughter, Bella is one of the featured models in the photo shoots and her son, Jarred, has assisted as a photographer

“La Luna Lifestyle acts as an anchor in our lives – assisting to keep the three of us closely connected as well as keeping my children constructively busy in their spare time.” - Belinda