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Our PHILOSOPHY is a desire to dress, as well as address the plights of women throughout the world.

specialising in linen & resortwear

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I was initially drawn to the La Luna Lifestyle range’s aesthetic and timeless designs.

Having become more familiar with Belinda Phillips’ ethos and commitment to fair trade, her support of disadvantaged community skills training, and environmentally friendly fabrics, I am now a loyal fan.

I say, viva La Luna Lifestyle!

Tilly Smith Dix
Travel & Style Writer, Blogger and Publicist

I am thrilled with my new purchase of the crochet backpack.

I know I will enjoy wearing it and knowing that I have supported disadvantaged artisans makes it even more meaningful.

The service I received from Belinda was also exceptional and I look forward to purchasing many more items in the near future. Best of luck!!

Rachelle Berzack Simon
Facebook Reviewer

I absolutely ADORE! LA LUNA…

It’s different from what you normally see in the shops, plus I love the various places the products come from…and some of the proceeds help disadvantaged people!…

Incredible people from all over the world make these amazing products…and I’m proud to wear and be part of the La LUNA lifestyle…

Tania Wanstall
Facebook Review

White is sooo pure and beautiful for summer, it’s a great, fresh look particularly accessorised with a touch of soft colours, La Luna lifestyle…..  You just know how!!!!!

Magiosa Chadwick
Facebook Review

What a gorgeous kaleidoscope of femininity – a complete Canvas of the individuality of showcasing the La Luna lifestyle – and an acknowledgement of u Bel – SUPERB – Hugz – Always ♡♡

Jenny Becker
Facebook Review

My La Luna Lifestyle jacket has already been so complimented! It’s ideal for our British summers and for romantic trips away.

Amanda Armstrong
Facebook Review

I have had the pleasure of being involved with La Luna Lifestyle for a while now, and I must say – I was so moved by the Artisans’ stories – it places SO MUCH MORE emotion and depth on each item. I’m proud to purchase from La Luna Lifestyle, and I’m in awe of Belinda’s passion, drive, substance and ethos. In a world where “big ticket manufacturers” have little care, or consideration for where the products came from, or how they were made – we can all make a difference by supporting wonderful ventures like this…

Paula Gust
Web Designer / Home Mum, Gusto Marketing

Meet the Artisans

La Luna Lifestyle’s motivation is a desire to dress, as well as address the plights of women throughout the world. Each woman featured as an artisan has her own story, some of great pain and some of great gain. They have not allowed for their “stories” to define them but rather to empower them, saying Yes to life, Yes to love, Yes to experiences and most of all Yes to being a Woman.

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