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The iconic and world-renowned “advanced style” blogger – #timelessstyling – showcasing La Luna Lifestyle’s missoni-esque gilet!!!!  We’re honored xx


When is a gilet not a gilet? 

When I spot something that I really like, but is a little different to what I usually wear, I have to stop and ask myself how I might style it and, in doing so, will it reflect my personal style and feel like me? Obvious questions perhaps but I find I can let my own creativity be stifled by how I see an item modelled for sale. So with this beautifully colourful and Missoni-esque gilet I decided that layering over rather than under was the way to go!

Both the Gilet and the Sandals are from @thelaluna_(kindly gifted) and are ethically produced in South Africa. 

Leanne Zimmerman – Australian Fashion Stylist

Tilly Smith-Dix

Resort-style glamour By Tilly Smith Dix:

I must have done something right at some point as I’m getting to review stunning fashion and dining delights on our doorstep. What’s not to love. I was treated to an early birthday gift by way of the versatile, fun, stylish Belinda Phillips’ La Luna Lifestyle designs. A perfect summer fest of fashion fabulous.


Channel 10 – Studio 10 Program

We have been featured on Studio 10 twice in the last 6 months….  LOVING IT!



2016 Fashion Industry Award

Belinda Phillips from La Luna Lifestyle said, “La Luna Lifestyle is the vehicle in which I could empower disadvantaged women that were living under situations of domestic unrest, illness or lack of education. We are a Fair-Trade lifestyle brand, focusing on designing, manufacturing, wholesaling as well as retailing.”